Friday, August 12, 2016

One Year of Date Nights

My husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this year, and I really wanted to get him something special.  It was imperative that this would be a low-cost gift, too, especially now that we're living on one income.  DIY route, here we come!

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A few years ago, we established a tradition of treating each other to date nights every Friday night. Now that our baby girl has arrived, we stretch those date nights to once per month. The hardest part about planning these date nights is figuring out what we should do. So, this gift would take away that burden and provide One Year of Date Nights, to help make those occasions fun, inexpensive, and effortless.

To complete this gift, I spent my lunch break walking around Target to find 12 monthly "gifts" that would help facilitate specific date nights. These gifts can really be anything that you and your partner have in common with and enjoy.  Both Evan and I love being outdoors, playing with our daughter, being homebodies, watching movies, and going out to dinner, so I came up with the following:
  1. A baseball, for a date night of playing catch;
  2. Bubbles, for a date night of playing outside with our little girl;
  3. The new Star Wars movie, for an at-home movie night;
  4. A Star Wars / daughter-themed journal, for a night of making memories with our daughter;
  5. A favorite card game, for an at-home game night;
  6. His favorite candy, to take with us to the drive-in movie theater; and
  7. Various $15-$25 gift cards to the movies, ice cream shop, and local restaurants, to help pay for numerous date nights on the town.

I wrapped each of these gifts in tissue paper, and then taped tags to them as little hints for what each date night would entail.

Then, I placed them in a small tin bucket, adorned with a bow.

Evan absolutely loved the gift.  It was fun to both give and make, and I hope that you enjoy it, too.

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