Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cory!

Today's my brother's 28th birthday.

Cory is my role model, my inspiration, and my best friend.  He has shaped me into the person that I am today.  I am a die-hard Virginia Tech Hokies, Washington Capitals, Baltimore Orioles, and Washington Nationals fan because of him.  Most of my favorite movies, bands, songs, television shows, and sports are also his.  And I still love to play in dirt, build forts, and compete in backyard wiffle ball games because that's what we used to do as kids.

Cory's life has always revolved around sports. Baseball, hockey, college football, college basketball, skiing, tennis, golf... anything.

I think he gets it from our mom.

In many ways, Cory's the same kid he was when he was young.  He's sweet.

Always up for an adventure.



And a little odd.

It's been a true gift to watch him grow up, and to see all that life has to offer for him. From graduating from Virginia Tech and pursuing a Ph.D in Microbiology...

... to marrying the woman of his dreams, Casey.

No matter how much time has gone by, and how successful he's become, he'll still always be my older brudder.

Happy 28th birthday, Cory!  Love you!

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