Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spray Painted Freezer

We bought a chest freezer from our good friend last summer.  I had plans to stick it in our garage once the overhaul was done.  There was only one problem with the freezer -- it was white.  Since our garage has now been painted red, black, and silver, I thought this freezer would stand out too much.

I had heard of people spray painting their appliances, but never knew if it worked well or not.  Only one way to find out!  

I took the freezer outside and started the process by securely taping off all of the vents and electrical parts.  Since the freezer lid had a tight seal on it, I didn't find it necessary to tape the lid.

Then I applied about two can's worth of appliance spray paint in light coats all around the freezer.  It covered nicely and dried in less than a half hour.

Easy enough, right?

You honestly can't tell that it's been spray painted.  I'm not sure if I'd have the guts to use the same spray paint on a stove or refrigerator, but I'd imagine it'd work just as well!

Proof that you really can spray paint anything.  :)


  1. Absolutely incredible. Which plasti kote paint did you use for it? I've never been able to get such a smooth finish, especially when spraying outdoors! Feed me your secrets!

  2. I got a freezer chest for free. It works but it has bad rust inside and outside. Can I use that spray that you used on the inside as well? I really like your blog. :-)


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