Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hockey Stick Floor Lamp

Our bonus room is Evan's sports-themed man cave, and it needed a few lamps.  One day, I was looking at my old hockey stick, and realized that I could probably make a floor lamp out of it.  It was a composite stick made for ice hockey, meaning that it was lightweight and hollow.

To do so, I bought a cheap floor lamp from Walmart, making sure that it was one where the rod was skinny enough to be concealed within the hockey stick.  The assembly of the floor lamp was easy and took a mere 10 minutes to complete.

With the floor lamp assembled, I measured how much I would need to remove from my hockey stick so it'd fit.  Then, I sliced off each end of the stick using a miter saw.

The Walmart lamp already had its socket pre-assembled.  This presented a small problem:  I needed to remove the socket so I could slide the hockey stick over the lamp cord and rod.  To remedy this, I first took apart the socket shell and removed the cord from the terminal screws.

I then took off the socket interior, socket cap, and harp bottom.

With that done, I was left with the floor lamp base and its bare cord.  

I stuffed the cord into one end of the hockey stick and slid the stick onto the floor lamp rod.

Once the hockey stick was in place, I re-assembled the floor lamp socket to its original shape.  I then added the harp, lamp shade, and finial, and the lamp was finished.

And there you go!  A hockey stick floor lamp suitable for a man cave.

I've been playing with this hockey stick since I was a freshman in college, so it's kind of neat to have it "retired" inside my house.  Sure, it might look a little dorky, but that sentimental reason will always be there!

One lamp down, a few more to go!


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  2. Oh wow... I am going to have to pin this for my husband's man cave!

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  3. I LOVE this idea!!!! It would be perfect for any of my sons' bedrooms, or the games room we will eventually be putting together. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  4. Niche idea, great DIY, I LOVE it, thank for sharing!
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