Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Help Lily Bite Cancer!

The mere name of my blog demonstrates how important dogs are to me, and how they are much more than pets -- they are family.  My oldest dog, Zubrus, is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he has been by my side through every celebration and every heartache these past six years.  When I've been stuck feeling helpless and not knowing what to do, he has always been there for a hug -- and sometimes, that's all you need. For all of you who have had pups of your own, I am sure you feel the same.  Today, I am taking a break from DIY to request for your help in saving a Corgi who is very much close to my heart:

My sister-in-law got a Corgi puppy seven years ago.  That puppy's name is Lily.

She started what we affectionately like to call a Panzercorgi Army, in which close to a dozen friends and family members have chosen to all get Corgis after falling in love with Lily.  We would not have Zubrus or Crash today if it wasn't for Lily, and honestly probably wouldn't have Harper, either.

Lily has taught us to take life a little slower, cuddle more, and enjoy your day even if the brightest thing to come out of it is a chance to play fetch on a summer afternoon.

Lily has cancer, an aggressive type called nasal adenocarcinoma.  She's almost seven years old, and in Corgi years, that's young.  The vet has given her 3-9 months left to live, but say that her condition is curable.  My sister-in-law has paid thousands of dollars already in diagnostics, and is looking into footing a $7,000 veterinary bill to cover the rest of Lily's treatment.  For someone who is just about to start vet school, she cannot afford to pay for this, but isn't ready to give up on Lily yet just because of costs.  She started a project, and in just 24 hours, has raised close to $2,500.  Her website and more information relating to Lily's story may be found here.

This is where I'm turning to you for help:

From now on, the proceeds to any item in my Etsy shop will go directly to my sister-in-law to help pay for Lily's vet expenses.  It will remain this way for as long as Lily needs it.  I have custom-made pet silhouettes and baseball table lamps so far for sale, but will be adding more items to the shop this week and next.  If you have seen anything on this blog that you love and isn't available on the shop yet, just send me a message and I will do a custom order just for you!  Lily has had her own silhouette done, and similar ones can be created for you and your pets, as well:

Thank you for all of your support, and give your best hugs to your pups for us!

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